Glow with confidence everyday with our powder concentrates

Our beauty routine shouldn't ruin the world!

Most women just want to feel confident about their appearance. But they also want to be kind and don't want to choose beauty products that harm the environment.

We want to make climate-conscious choices, but we don't want to compromise on quality nor how we look.

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At Dust & Glow our formulations are: 

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In an innovative powder form

A unique range of hair and skin care powders. 

We worked with a team of leading green chemistry scientists to develop the range. 

Every single formulation had to be re-engineered to only keep the essential. Finding the balance between product sensoriality, efficacy, safety & results wasn't an easy task! 

Vegan & Naturally derived

We only work with natural (and organic when we can) active ingredients & minerals. Our natural active ingredients are biodegradable! We have eliminated all nasties to only keep the GOODNESS 

Free from: irritating surfactants, sulfates, silicones, animal actives, preservatives, allergens & fragrances. 

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Super Concentrated

Small size big impact. Our products last up to 3x longer (depending on the product) than liquid products because they’re super-concentrated & potent.


Microbiome Friendly

We strongly believe that a healthy, balanced microbiome equals healthy, glowing skin.

That's why all our products are enriched with  is a vegan pre& probiotic complex which helps to optimise cutaneous ecoflora, strengthen biological defenses, and improve skin radiance.


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Transformative Textures

Our formulas transform from powder to foam when you add water.

From powder to luxury creamy lather, the texture transformation, has to be experienced. 



Did you know?  Fragrances may contain up to dozens of ingredients, and while many are safe in small amounts, most others have actually not been assessed for their potential impact on human health and the environment. 

At Dust & Glow we believe in transparency & minimalism. All our formulations are fragrance free & unscented. 

The subtle smell of our products comes from the natural ingredients that are in our formulations (think Coconut, Ginger or Blackcurrant)


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Travel Friendly 

Literally fits in your hand.

Our bottles are lightweight, compact and your perfect adventure companion (travel, camping, hiking, holidays, girl week-end....)

Our products are up to 6 times lighter than a classic shampoo or cleanser, and there is heaps to also share with your tribe.

Just take the essentials with you.