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The Powder shampoo speaks : the top 3 reasons why you haven't tried me yet

Hello, it's me, I am Dust&Glow Powder based shampoo!

Let me introduce myself first. I am a vegan, cruelty-free, and natural alternative to traditional liquid shampoos. I am super lightweight, making me perfect for travel, but don't let my size fool you, I pack a punch.

In fact, I am equivalent to 3x liquid shampoo, meaning you get more value for your money. Plus, I am refillable and plastic-free, so you can feel good about using me knowing that you are helping to reduce your environmental impact.

I am here to talk to you about why you should consider switching to a powder-based shampoo. I know that many of you are on the fence about trying an eco-friendly alternative, and I want to address the top 3 reasons why you may be hesitant.


You're not sure if it will work as well as your current product

I understand that you have a hair or skincare routine that you are comfortable with and that has worked for you in the past. You might be worried that switching to a powder-based shampoo or bodywash won't work as well as your current product. But let me assure you that powder-based products are just as effective as their liquid counterparts. Or maybe you have tried a solid bar in the past and didn't quite like it. 

Let me reassure you! I am vegan, cruelty-free, and made from naturally-derived ingredients. I am free from harsh chemicals that can damage your hair or skin. In my ingredient list, you won't find any sulfate, palm oil, preservative system, or any water! And I don't want to brag but I have also won a few awards and been featured in fancy, glossy magazines! 

Bonus, I look pretty in any bathroom and I am also mess free! 


You're not sure how to use it

Using a powder-based shampoo or bodywash may seem daunting at first, but it's actually very easy. All you need to do is wet your hair or skin well, sprinkle some powder onto your hand, and then massage it in. The powder will lather up, and you can rinse it off just like you would with a liquid product.

Powder-based products like me are also great for travel because we are compact and lightweight. You don't have to worry about me leaking into your suitcase or taking up too much space in your toiletry bag. Plus, because I am in dry form, you don't have to worry about 100ml restrictions when flying. 


You're not sure if it's worth the cost

Powder-based products may seem more expensive than their liquid counterparts, but they are actually more cost-effective in the long run. Because they are concentrated, a little goes a long way. You don't need to use as much product to get the same results, which means your bottle will last longer.

In addition, powder-based products are better for the environment because they don't require as much packaging. Liquid products require plastic bottles, which can take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill. Powder products, on the other hand, can be packaged in biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Switching to a powder-based shampoo or body wash may seem like a small change, but it can have a big impact on the environment. By using eco-friendly products, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to protect our planet for future generations.


So, what are you waiting for? Give me a try and see for yourself how effective I can be. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you'll also be treating your hair and skin to natural, gentle ingredients that will leave you feeling glowing! 

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