How to refill your existing bottle


Say BYE BYE to single use & landfill with our home compostable refills.  Our aluminium bottles are designed to be re-used and refilled.

By purchasing a refill you are significantly reducing your carbon, energy &  water emissions.

Dust&Glow Certified Home compostable kraft pouches. Refillable beauty

Refill : How do I use it?

1- Roll your paper refill
2- Snip the bottom of your paper funnel
3- Start refilling
4- Cut the paper pouch into small pieces and add into compost

Pro tip: if you don't have the Dust&Glow paper refill you can use any clean piece of paper and roll it. You can also use an aluminium funnel.

Pro tip 2: ensure that your existing bottle is fully dry before refilling it.

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