1. What is your policy on animal testing?

We are Cruelty-Free (& Vegan) therefore do not test on animals. We care about the animals as much as we care about the planet

2. Who formulates your products?

All of our products are formulated by a team of leading green chemistry scientists at our third party manufacturer site. They are based in Auckland as we like to keep it local. They hold a GMP license and have a state of the art factory. All the ideation for the products is down by me, Gaelle. 

3. Who manufactures your products?

Our products are manufactured at our third party manufacturer site (including the refills). We make them in small batches to maintain freshness and quality. All refills are hand-packed at Dust & Glow HQ. 

4. Do you avoid controversial or harmful ingredients in your formulations?

At Dust & Glow, we are waterless, minimalist & conscious. We removed the water, the nonsense & all nasties from our product. We reinvented all product formulations to only keep potent, concentrated active ingredient. We formulate clean beauty that are ultra performant.

Free from: Water, Fragrance, Essential oils, Preservative system, Sulphate, Silicone, Paraben , Nasties

If you have questions about any ingredient that we use, please reach out to us. 

5. Are Your Products Vegan?

Yes all of them. We genuinely believe in animal welfare and being environmental friendly. We do not test our products on animals, nor use their by-product as our ingredient. Our PETA certification for both Vegan & Cruelty Free is in progress.

6. Are your products Suitable for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women?

Yes absolutely. All our products are made from 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients. We have also removed all fragrance & essential oils to reduce allergy risk. We recommend patch testing for added safety.

7. How Do I Store Your Products?

We recommend storing all of our products in a cool dry place away from direct water contact. We suggest using all products from Dust & Glow within 12 months. Our refills have a shelf life of 6 months (before opening) as they are packaged in home compostable pouches. 

8. What is the Expiry Date of Your Products?

The shelf life of our products is 24 month, but we generally suggest using any of our products within 12 months of opening. This ensures the freshness and quality of our ingredients. Our refills have a shelf life of 6 months (before opening) as they are packaged in home compostable pouches. 

9. Do you have sample sizes ?

As we are a low waste brand we do not offer mini samples. Here's why:  A lot of travel-sized products are duplicates of their plastic full-size counterparts and end up in landfills, the oceans, or in rare cases at a recycling plant.  According to NPD, in 2019, the mini market totaled $1.3 billion in sales in the U.S. which was up 5% from the year before


1. Why should I switch to powder Beauty? 

Our products are:

  • FULL OF GOODNESS:  Our powders contain no water, preservatives, fragrance nor essential oils or nasties. They are packed with potent, concentrated pure ingredients like coconut powder, blackcurrant powder, kiwifruit powder and kaolin. 
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED: Our products last up to 3x longer (depending on the product) than liquid products because they’re super-concentrated. Just add water! 
  • LOW WASTE At Dust & Glow, we are want to minimize our impact on the environment. We use natural ingredients, our aluminium bottle is designed to be re-used and our refills are in home compostable pouches. 
  • BRINGING NEW MEANING TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE The texture transformation, foam and feel of our powders has to be experienced. We also donate 1% of of our sales to bring clean water access to those who need it the most.

Give it a go and put us to the test. We also offer a TRY IT, LOVE IT or YOUR MONEY BACK Guarantee. What are you waiting for?



1. Are The Refills Home Compostable?

Our pouches will break down in a home compost bin or worm farm, containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and microorganisms. Please ensure you cut the pouch into small pieces including the zip - it will help the breakdown process

2. What Is The Plastic Made Of?

Our stand up pouches might look like plastic but they are actually made with 2x PLA laminated films. These will break down when disposed of in a composting environment. The individual films used are certified to the European industrial compostable standard OK Compost/EN13432 and either the European or Australian home composting standards OK Compost Home or AS5810.

Polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA) is a polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch, such as corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. While the feedstock currently doesn’t compete with food production, manufacturers are already investigating the use of non-agricultural feedstocks. The environmental advantages of PLA bioplastics over those plastics derived from petroleum are measurable and significant.

3. How Long Will They Take To Break Down?

As there are a number of variable factors at play when it comes to speed of breakdown, we’re unable to give a definitive answer. However, the EN13432 compost standard requires the plastics to disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after 6 months. This means 90% of or more of the plastic will have converted to CO2 and the remaining converted to either water or biomass - i.e.. valuable compost! Keep in mind the healthier your home compost the faster and more effectively your refill will break down.

4. Where Are The Refills Made?

 Our home compostable pouches are made right here in New Zealand, we keep it local. They are then hand-packed at Dust&Glow HQ.

5. What's The Shelf Life Of The Refills?

Our refills have a shelf life of 6 months (before opening) as they are packaged in home compostable pouches. There are an innovative packaging and we are currently investigating longer shelf life options. Once refilled into your Dust & Glow bottle, the shelf life is 12 months (the same shelf life as our other products). 



Thanks for your interest. If you are a conscious, eco-friendly, earth lover partner or brand, would love to hear from you. Please send all the details to gaelle@dustandglow.com and I will come back to you shortly


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