Water drops on leaf. Water is life. We took the water out to give it back to those who need it the most.

What is Conscious Beauty?

In today's world being GREEN, CLEAN or SUSTAINABLE is not enough anymore.

At Dust & Glow we want to look at the full eco system. We acknowledge that we are at the beginning of our journey and will endeavour to move towards a circular economy. On our quest to being a low waste, conscious brand we teamed up with the experts at Circularity NZ. These clever folks (women) helped us see clearly and validate our guiding principles. 

We will keep you updated along the way - feel free to send us some suggestions too! 

We focus our efforts on 3 key pillars:

1- Our impact on the planet 

2- Our impact on people

3- Our impact on animals

Dust&Glow vegan, cruelty free & naturally derived. Certified by PETA. Full of natural goodness. Free from preservatives & nasties

Vegan, Cruelty-free & Naturally derived

We only work with natural (and organic when we can) active ingredients & minerals. Our natural active ingredients are biodegradable!

We are also proudly vegan & do not use any animal derived products.

Without water, no preservatives : a formulation with natural raw materials, traceable, in limited number and in dry form.

Free from: irritating surfactants, sulfates, silicones, palm oil & derivatives, animal actives, preservatives, allergens & fragrances. 

Dust&Glow stylish endlessly recyclable aluminium labels. We are plastic free

Endlessly recyclable aluminium

Our bottles are designed to be re-used and refilled. Aluminium can be endlessly recyclable.

Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy and produces only 5% of the CO2 emissions as compared with primary production. It is also the most cost-effective material to recycle. 

And no plastic in sight!

Dust&Glow limestone labels

Labels made from limestone not trees

Our labels look like a normal paper label but it is not! It is made of natural limestone waste off-cuts and recycled resin in a process that uses solar energy and generates zero waste. It has a low CO2 emission profile and its manufacture does not pollute waterways and rivers with toxic effluent.

Dust&Glow 100% refillable with our home compostable pouches

Refill, Refill, Refill

While we encourage recycling, we believe that we need to move towards a more circular economy. We encourage you to re-use and refill our aluminium bottles instead of purchasing a new bottle. That is why our FULL range is refillable.

Our Refills are certified home compostable & commercial compostable by OK COMPOST, OK COMPOST HOME and OK Biodegradable SOIL certified by TUV Austria in European Union. 

 Do more with less, that's the pow(d)er to make a difference! 

Dust&Glow helps you close the loop with our take back program

Take Back Program

As we are working towards a fully Circular model, we want to help you close the loop. Our aluminium bottles can be endlessly recycled in NZ.

If you can't recycle them locally, we are making it easy for you (NZ only). 

1) Collect 4 Bottles 

2) Send us an email to gaelle@dustandglow.com with your details

3) Pack your products in a small envelope/carton

4) We will send you a free shipping label to print home