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How to use Dust&Glow innovative powders

As easy as 1.2.3 with Dust&Glow powder concentrates. No mixing. No boiling. No whisking required. 

In 2021, Dust&Glow lwas the first brand in Australasia to launch a full range of innovative skincare & haircare formulas re-imagined in powder form.  It took almost two years of research, hard work, and product development to perfect the formulas.

Creating sensorial formulations without the water, nasties, preservatives and plastic was no-easy task. Finding also a manufacturing partner keen to work on waterless powder concentrates was also a challenge!

18 months later, a few beauty awards later and some new additions to the original line-up, our revolutionary NZ made powders are here to stay! 

All our powders are activated by the water already in your shower. We chose this option over diluting the powder in a powder which would require mixing, whisking, boiling, a preservative system & a big plastic bottle.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to use your Dust&Glow powders.

Our luxurious powders are super easy-to-use & water-activated.

Hate plastic but not a big fan of gooey solid bars or DIY concentrates that require mixing, whisking or hot water? We have the solution for you!

Our luxurious powders are super easy-to-use & water-activated.

Each Dust&Glow product is highly concentrated and comes in a refillable aluminium bottle (check our Certified Home compostable refills) which is the equivalent to 3 liquid alternatives.

They are super easy-to use with our aluminium shaker lids. Our powders, your water, nothing else is required!

For each Dust&Glow product you save:

  • Over 3L of water
  • 3 Plastic Bottles
  • And we donate 1% of our sales to provide clean water access to those who need it the most

Dust&Glow powder concentrates. Saves 3L of water, 3 plastic bottles. Ditch the plastic with our innovative NZ powders

How to use your Dust&Glow Shampoo?

1- Shake 1/4 teaspoon of powder onto your hands for short to medium hair, 1/2 teaspoon for medium to long
2 - Activate the powder with water
3 - Lather it will foam!
4 - Massage onto scalp & hair, then Rinse . Follow with conditioner if needed

Pro tip: want more lather? Add water to your hair while massaging.

Pro tip 2: if you have thick hair or greasy hair, you can double shampoo. Start with shampooing underneath & make your way up

How to use your Dust&Glow Conditioner?

1- After shampooing, sprinkle a ¼ teaspoon on wet hands 
2 - Lather onto hands & slide through wet hair.
3- Leave in for 3 minutes & rinse

Pro tip: Conditioner doesn't lather as much as our shampoo! It will turn into a creamy texture & you'll feel it detangling your hair for a soft finish

Speed tip: if you are in a hurry you can directly sprinkle on your hair & start massaging. It works too !

Frequently Asked Powder Questions

What utensils do I need to use the powders?

You don't need any utensils or any prep work to use your Dust&Glow powder concentrates. No whisking, boiling or heavy lifting required. You will only require water (already in your shower) and your hands. That's it!

Can I add water directly into the bottle or pre-make it ?

No you can't. Our powders have been designed to be used as you go and not be diluted/pre-mixed with water as they don't contain any preservative system.

It also means that your favourite Dust&Glow powders can easily be taken on any adventure with you as they are carry-on friendly, lightweight, compact and will not leak or spill anywhere. With Dust&Glow you won't require any plastic bottle to store your powders (we are not big plastic fans here).

Can I leave my Dust&Glow aluminium bottles in the shower?

You sure can! Our aluminium bottles are designed to be store in your bathroom or shower. Just make sure you keep the lid on top of your shaker and you are good to go! 


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