Haircare Game Changer

As seen in : Fennec and Friends

'' Local company Dust & Glow made waves earlier this year when it launched its powder-based beauty products, and now the range is getting an extra ‘dust up’ with the launch of Dust & Glow Powder Based Conditioner.'' 

'' Set to reinvent your beauty routine, the waterless conditioner transforms from powder to cream when mixed with water — formulated with spirulina, soy protein and a pre and probiotic complex to leave you with detangled, conditioned and hydrated hair. The result is luscious hair and a happy scalp – what more could you want? '' 

'' The unscented formula is super concentrated and will last up to 60 washes, the equivalent of three bottles of liquid products due to its potent formula. Packaged in aluminium bottles, each Dust & Glow product can be kept and refilled with home compostable refills, saving the planet and saving you water all in one easy step!''

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