As Seen in : Focus Magazine - Dust & Glow

As Seen in : Focus Magazine

We all love our beauty routines – taking a break from life to nourish our skin (and our souls) is important at any stage of life. But lurking in the background of our skincare routines is a whole lot of plastic and a whole lot of pollution of our beautiful Earth (many beauty products aren’t recyclable unless they have a specific programme!)

So here’s a group of NZ businesses that prioritise their products being zero waste, recyclable, or offer refills so you can love your beauty products without harming the Earth.


Dust and Glow Powder Based Daily Polisher 40g ($40)
100% plant-based and waterless – just add water to the powder in the shower and apply to the skin.
Great for dull and lackluster skin.
Bottles are refillable and made in endlessly recyclable aluminum.

'' Your hair is your crown they say, so look after it (and the earth) with a lovely bar shampoo. For powder shampoos its even easier, pop some powder into your hands, add water and you’re away ''

Dust and Glow Powder Based Shampoo 45g ($44.99)
This powder turns into a creamy lather when mixed with water – then just wash your hair as usual!
Conditions and deeply hydrates your hair.
Recyclable and refillable packaging.

'' Conditioners to nourish and leave your hair silky and smooth.'' 

Dust and Glow Powder Based Conditioner 45g ($44.99)
Detangles, conditions and hydrates hair – mix the powder with water and use as usual.
Vegan and cruelty free.
Recyclable and refillable packaging. 

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