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5 reasons to switch to a powder-based shampoo

You may have heard about natural shampoos and maybe about solid bars. But how does a powder-based shampoo work?

First let’s clarify, a powder shampoo is not a dry shampoo. It is a shampoo reinvented in a waterless dry form. This means that it is designed to replace your current shampoo bottles (yes the big plastic bottle that is in your shower!)

Trying a new beauty routine can be a bit daunting especially for products that you have used you own life. A powder shampoo is a bit different (we know, we invented it!) but reassured it is super easy to use, good for your hair & the planet.

Introducing our waterless shampoo, a premium, natural shampoo reimagined in a powder form. It turns into a silky, creamy lather when mixed with water. Formulated with soy protein, coconut, and a pre & probiotic complex to clean, condition & hydrate your hair. It is super gentle & safe for coloured hair (including Post keratin treatment) & sensitive scalps.

If  you’re still feeling a little unsure on whether a powder shampoo is right for you (or know someone who is), check out our five reasons for making the switch today!

1. Your hair will love it

Our waterless shampoo turns into a silky creamy, lather when mixed with water. It also foams as well as a bottled shampoo or a solid bar.

Our shampoo powder will leave your scalp cleansed, hair feeling silky soft & luscious. It is truly a game changer ✨ (and NZ made!)

Most users have also reported having to wash their hair less often with a powder-shampoo. Enjoy clean hair for longer!

You can check out our many reviews under each individual product on the website.

 2. A little goes a long way

Our powder shampoo bottle may look small, but it is ultra-concentrated. 1 Dust&Glow shampoo is the equivalent of 3 liquid shampoo bottles, without the plastic or the water waste.

You only need ¼ to ½ teaspoon of powder for each wash (approx. a small pea size).


Depending on your hair length, 1 Dust&Glow shampoo will last up to 60 usages, which is approx. 3 to 4 months if you wash your hair every second to third day.

This means, less chances to run out of your favourite shampoo & less trips to the supermarket or shops! And best of all, when you run out, you can re-use and refill your existing bottles with our Home compostable refills. Too easy!


 3. It is kind to your hair & the planet

Dust&Glow powder shampoo gently cleanses & hydrates, for silky & glowing hair.

Most shampoos are up to 80% water, loaded with synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrance and packed in single-use plastic. Ours doesn’t!

This powder-to-lather shampoo is:

  • 100% soap-free & sulphate-free
  • PH balanced & safe for coloured or treated hair
  • Plastic free, endlessly recyclable aluminium bottles & refillable
  • Doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, preservatives nor fragrances
  • Is enriched in a pre&probiotic complex for a healthy scalp

Did we also mention that we are certified Vegan & Cruelty free by PETA?  We wouldn’t have it any other way!


4. Easy to use & no mess guarantee

While this is may seem like a big change, rest assured your beauty routine stays much the same. It is super easy to use with 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Wet your hair
  • Step 2: Sprinkle a 1/4 teaspoon of the powder into your hands (1/2 if you have long hair)
  • Step 3: Lather onto hands to activate the powder. It will turn into a creamy lather
  • Step 4: Massage onto hair as you would normally & rinse well. Follow with conditioner if needed

 There is no pre mixing or boiling hot water needed! Our powder shampoo is also mess-free. No gooey or sticky residu in your shower guarantee!

For more tips & tricks check our website or follow us on social.


5. Super compact, travel-friendly & stylish in any bathroom

Haircare duo. Compact, sleek, plastic free. Haircare reimagined in a powder form

By removing the water out of our products, we have significantly reduced the size of our packaging & reduced our carbon footprint.

All our products are housed in a compact and endlessly recyclable aluminium bottles with screw lids. They are designed to be re-used and refilled with our Certified Home compostable refills.

Our water-free shampoo is also perfect for travel. Weighing only 77g (included the aluminium bottle), we dare you to find anything lighter. No leaks, no spills guarantee, and it is carry-on friendly!

We are also a bit biased but our minimalist, sleek bottles look stylish in any bathroom, tiny house or to take on holiday with you. 

Ready to ditch liquid products packaged in single-use plastic & full of water? But not sure where to start? Our Trial packs are a great way to switch to powder-based beauty, great for travel and would make the perfect low-waste gift! They are packed in a home compostable box & with 3 of our favourite minis.

Shop our waterless, concentrated powder shampoo or check our creamy conditioner

If you’re still not convinced and need help free to reach out anytime via email or social media.



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