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How long does a shampoo powder last?

How long does a shampoo powder last?

Making the switch to a powder-based shampoo from liquid shampoo can be a bit daunting. We completely get it, especially as this is a new innovative format (we are the first to bring our waterless powder concentrates to Australasia!)

There are a lot of misconceptions or questions out there about shampoo powders. For example, one of the most asked questions we get is ‘How long does a shampoo powder last?’. This is closely followed by ‘’ Does it foam’’ and ‘’ Is it safe for coloured hair?’’

These last two questions are nice and easy to answer! Yes, our powder-based shampoo foams (and without any soap!), and yes, our shampoo powders are indeed safe for color-treated hair.  Did we also mention we won a few awards? 


When it comes to how long a shampoo powder lasts, however, the answer gets a little trickier as it depends on how often you wash your hair & how much shampoo you’ll use in each wash.

Intrigued? Keep reading!

How long does a Dust&Glow powder-based shampoo last? 

One Dust&Glow powder shampoo is 100% waterless and in powder form. It is equivalent in concentration to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo and lasts over 60 washes on average.  

Our salon quality shampoo powders are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. You only need ¼ teaspoon for short to medium hair & up to ½  teaspoon for longer hair. 

While a shampoo bottle should last over 60 washes, some of our customers have told us their bottle has lasted longer than a year! On average our Dust&Glow customers use their bottle across a 12 to 16 weeks period. And for the Powder-based  conditioner, it would last even longer! 

A little goes a long way with Dust&Glow powder based shampoo

Waterless Shampoos in powder form are long-lasting, sustainable & preservative-free

Our innovative shampoo powders aren’t just long-lasting, they’re good for you, the family & the planet too.

Our products are made using naturally derived ingredients, organic where possible, with no silicones, no parabens & no preservatives. This waterless shampoo is formulated with soy protein, coconut, and a pre & probiotic complex to clean, condition & hydrate your hair. It is super gentle & safe for coloured hair (including Post keratin treatment) & sensitive scalps.

With every bottle you make a difference & we donate 1% of our sales to give back clean water access to those who need it the most.

All our products are low-waste & packaged in endlessly recyclable aluminium bottles that are designed to be refilled with our Certified Home compostable pouches. Our labels look like the classic labels but they are not! They are made out of limestone which requires no water for production.

And finally, all our packaging is made of FSC paper or cardboard.

Dust&Glow waterless powder shampoo. Zero waste shampoo in powder form

The biggest tip to keep your Dust&Glow powders dry in the shower

Keep your bottles away from direct water contact & ensure you put the lid back on!  That’s it. There is no need for any special storage, containers or complicated tricks.

If your shaker lid is starting to clog up a bit, take it out of the shower, clean the lid & let it air dry. Put it back on once fully dry. Et voila!


Give new meaning to your daily routine & switch to powder-based haircare 

Powder Based Shampoo

Powder Based Conditioner

Not sure where to start? Try our Hair & Body trial pack 

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