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How to store your Dust&Glow powders

As a conscious consumer, you've made the switch to our eco-friendly Dust&Glow powders. We're confident you'll love the results, but to ensure you get the most out of your powders, it's essential to store them properly.

Dust&Glow powder concentrates. Designed to be used in the shower

Designed for in-shower use

Our Dust&Glow bottles can be stored in the bathroom or shower as long as you keep the outer lid on. The lid is designed to protect our powders from getting clumpy or wet.

Our aluminum bottles will look great in your bathroom and we promise they won't rust nor break !

Keep them away from direct water flow

To keep your powders longer, simply keep your bottles away from direct water flow. When stored in a dry environment, the powders will last longer, remain tidy, and be easier to use. Moisture, on the other hand, can lead to mushiness and bacteria growth.

Need some inspiration? Check out our top 5 storage options:

  1. Built-in shower niche or cavity: One of the best ways to store your Dust&Glow powders is to use a built-in shower niche or cavity. These small shelves or recesses, built into the shower walls, are specifically designed to hold shower essentials. Simply place your Dust&Glow powders in the niche or cavity, away from direct water flow. This not only keeps your powders dry but also makes them easily accessible while you're in the shower.

Built-in white shower niche showing Dust&Glow bottles sitting near soap bar. No mushy solid bar nor plastic bottlein sight

2- Additional shelf or "shelfie": Another great option for storing your powders is to add an additional shelf to your shower. You can purchase a small, waterproof shelf that can be easily installed in your shower. Our favourite is the Block Dock little "shelfie".  Be sure to place it away from the direct water flow. This is a great option if you don't have a built-in niche or cavity in your shower or if you have small children and dont want to ''share'' with them!

Dust&Glow essentials displayed on a small shelf from The Block Dock NZ

3-Shower floor: If you prefer to keep your powders close at hand, you can place them on the shower floor. Just be sure to choose a spot that is out of the direct water flow, such as a corner or near the back of the shower. This option is great if you don't have much space in your shower and want to keep your powders easily accessible.

4-Bathroom vanity: If you prefer to store your powders outside of the shower, a bathroom vanity is a great option. Simply place your bottles on a shelf or in a drawer of your bathroom vanity. This is a great option if you don't want to store your powders in the shower or for our facial cleansers.

Dust&Glow Daily polisher on a white bathroom sink.

5- In a cute cosmetic bag for on-the-go use and travel: For those who like to travel or go to the gym/pool, a cute cosmetic bag is a great way to store your Dust&Glow powders. This option allows you to take your powders with you wherever you go, and the bag will keep them protected and dry.

Speed-drying technique

Even with the best storage, sometimes your powders may become damp due to factors like humidity, splashes, or increased use. If the inside of the lid becomes mushy, don't worry. Drying the powders is easy. Allow them to dry out of the shower, clean the lid, and let it dry before screwing it back onto the bottle.

As you can see, storing your Dust&Glow powders is easy. Follow these tips and enjoy radiant, long-lasting results. Upgrade your bathroom storage today and shop our eco-friendly skincare & haircare powder concentrates.

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