Newsroom Don’t wait for the politicians at COP to define the future of our planet

As the COP26 climate change conference draws to a close in Glasgow, Louise Nash and Katie Glasgow-Palmer have a call to action for business leaders to be far more ambitious than their political counterparts Groundbreaking NZ companies

'' Beyond the politics: So, how can we work with nature, not against it? How can we shift away from an economy geared towards linear hyperconsumption? And how might business truly be a force for good? '' 

'' Some New Zealand business leaders are already making the transition from linear to circular ways of operating.  

Gaelle Thieme, the founder of clean skin and haircare company Dust and Glow, was frustrated at the vast amounts of unnecessary water added to beauty products, water that was then transported across oceans unnecessarily. 

She explored how she might design out the need for water, to create an innovative waterless beauty range of powdered products in reusable, recyclable aluminium bottles, without compromising quality or customer satisfaction. Circularity helped her design and test the circularity of her packaging, and see the potential of her brand to go waterless, enabling her customers to give back water to those in need, via Charity Water. ''

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